Open Science: Accountability, Integrity, and Reproducibility in Scholarly Research


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In this increasingly complex and interconnected global scientific ecosystem, Open Science aims to make knowledge transparent and accessible using digital technologies, collaborative networks, and tools. Researchers need to apply the principles of openness to all the stages of their research cycle as a step forward towards Open Science to increase openness, integrity, collaboration, and reproducibility in scholarly research.  This webinar will give a detailed overview of the concept of Open Science and its fundamental aspects like Open Access, Open Data, etc. It will also highlight how researchers can contribute to Open Science by sharing all their research outputs, resources, methods, or tools openly.

Through this webinar, you will have a better understanding of the following:

  1. Overview and importance of Open Science
  2. Awareness regarding Open Access publishing
  3. The significance of Open Data sharing
  4. Understanding the importance of self-archiving in Open Repositories
  5. Insights into Open Peer Review and Open Licensing
  6. Summary of Open Source and Open Education Resources

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